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Abbreviations used on this website:

MKII PFL = Pre Face Lift to May 1974,
MKII FL = Face Lift from May 1974 with plastic grille, rubber trim bumpers, high ride height, hazard flashers etc.
NOS=New Old Stock
EPC= Epoxy Powder Coating
OE=Original Equipment
NLS=No Longer Supplied
AR=As Required
ID=Inside Diameter
OD=Outside Diameter
CR=Compression Ratio.

We refer to LH left hand or RH right hand as if seated in the car, or as viewed from the rear of the car

Technical information and features concerning Triumph cars that have been written by Chris will be added here in PDF format.

Click on the download link to open the document which will appear in a new window.

Please Note: The information and data sheets on this website are advisory only & we will not be held responsible for consequences of their use.

Speedo drive data 2000/2.5 range Download
Camshaft Applications Chart Download
Subframe variations Download
Subframe Mounts and Diff brackets used Download
Rear subframe mounting and washer illustration Download
Rear suspension geometry analysis Download
Various shock mounting centres Download
tweaking rear suspension ride height Download
Front Engine Mounting Options Download
C3 Bearings Download
Six cylinder engines head applications chart Download
Cylinder Head Inlet Port Section pre 219016 & Flow Chart Download
Cylinder Head Inlet Port Section 219016 & Flow Chart Download
Cylinder Head Mk 11 Exhaust Port Section & Flow Chart Download
Inlet Manifold Flow Comparison Download
Carburettor Variants Download
Power Steering Conversion Download