Triumph 2000, 2500, 2.5 Specialist Parts Supplier. Six cylinder Triumph engine parts available.


We are seeking to buy the following salvaged Triumph parts that are in good condition.

Description Price Paid (Delivered)
MKI Front Bumpers, Straight, Fair/Good Chrome £25.00
MKII Front Bumpers PFL, Straight, Fair/Good Chrome £25.00
MKI Front Grille £25.00
MKI Head Lamp Bezels £5.00
MKI Front Side Light Clear Lens £3.00
MKI RHF Side flasher lamp with reasonable chrome, lens condition not too important £10.00
MKI Rear Centre Bumpers Fair Chrome, Minimal Rust, minor dents OK, to recondition £15.00
MKI Dash Board, Black Vinyl, no cracks, upper or lower £25.00
MKI Heater Control Chrome Plinth, 'Screen Interior' early mounted on dash wood £5.00
MKI Heater Control Knob £2.00
MKI Steering Column Upper Tube assy. £10.00
MKI Horn Ring Chrome £8.00
MKI 2000 Hub Cap Centre, Chrome £5.00
MKI Brake Back Plates £8.00
MKI Windscreen Wiper Motor £10.00
MKI Trailing Arm LH rear £10.00
Brake Servos £10.00
MKI Handbrake Shoe Expanding Lever, LH only £4.00
MKII Handbrake Shoe Expanding Levers £3.00
MKII Handbrake Lever (between seats} £5.00
Exhaust Manifold, 2000 MKI, no cracks, broken studs ok, but no drilled out threads £18.00
Choke Cables, any good original types £4.00
MKI Rocker Switch Clusters £8.00
MKII Centre Console Plastic. No Cracks, particularly around choke knob hole £8.00
MKII Main/Dip/Indicator Switches £5.00
MKII Round Interior Roof Lamp. No Cracks, Especially on lens retaining barbs £5.00
Interior Roof Lamp Plunger Switches A & B Post £1.00
Distributor Drive Gear Carb Models £5.00
Distributor Twin Drive Gear PI £8.00
Pedestal Metering Unit Drive inc Small Gear £8.00
Box Section, MKII Subframe LH side only, minimal rust £10.00
Crank Fan Blade £8.00
Pulley Crank Damper, Power Steering, Fixed or Viscous Fan Types £5.00
Camshaft, Suitable for Re-profiling, Good Lobes, Keeper Slot and Gear Teeth £25.00
Diff Steel Back Plate, MKI & Estates, not too rusty £20.00
Diffs, 2.5 3.45:1, 'MG' prefix on casing red flange nut -Also 3.7:1 from 2000 Auto,MBB MEC yellow £45.00
Speedo Angle Drive £8.00
Steering Column Lock & Key MKII £15.00
Steering Rack Manual £20.00
Steering Rack Power Assisted £30.00
Pump Power Steering £15.00
Engine Front Plate, Power Steering type, with Pump Bracket Mounting Plate £15.00
Front Anti Roll Bar £20.00
Bolt, MKII automatic drive plate to crankshaft 7/16 UNF X 1 7/16 long £1.00
Cylinder Heads, stamped 219016 from 2500 TC & S, not too rusty £70.00
Distributors, Minimal Play in Spindle; 40967 & 41166 25d 2000 MKI, 41236 25d PI Early, 41452 45d 2000 MKII £10.00
Time Clock, Kienzle Face Lift MKII & Dolomite. Good bezel & working when powered up £8.00
Time Clock, Chrome bezel type 2000 MKII pre Face Lift MKII & Dolomite. Good bezel & working £6.00
Rev Counter (tachometer) 6 cyl voltage impulse from 2.5 S £15.00
Front Doors, minimal rust on bottom inner frame £40.00
Check Strap, for Front Doors £5.00
Petrol Pump, early MKI glass bowl type with Straight lever £10.00
Petrol Pump, later glass bowl type with Hooked lever. Late MKI & all MKII £8.00
Carburettors on Manifold SUHS6 £40.00
Air Filter Box & Lid SUHS6 £10.00
Air Collector SUHS6 £10.00
PI Air box log £8.00
PI Metering Unit £20.00
PI Injector £4.00
PI Throttle Body £8.00
Rear of Rear Wing Mouldings £4.00
Chrome Moulding, small piece on saloon roof to rear wing RH only, number inside 614583 - good £3.00
Windscreen Mouldings pair with joining pieces £8.00
Gearstick Manual Overdrive £8.00
Alternator Mounting Iron Block £5.00
Flywheel MKII (Not with welded ring gears or broken register) £15.00